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#100dayproject – days 34-35-36

Here is the face for day 34! 35 and 36! While I stopped posting the faces here, they would very well appear on my journal day after day, with a big break in between. I will post them all in here, I only have another 40 to go πŸ˜‡ and I’ll get to 100 faces! I think 100 day in a row was way too much for me and I couldn’t keep up with posting each day, but I sure want to finish the #100dayproject because a started project must also be a completed one. 😊

Some faces come with a message, while others don’t..it’s just how I feel in certain days..

face no 34 😊

Some faces are just sketches, just like this one over here…

And others come with some color, just to brighten the day even more! I love both day 35 and 36! The one on the right has silver hair, and if I move the journal around, the light will cast different shades:✨

Not to mention the one on the left, no 35, which has heart-shaped eyes, what do you think of her!?❀️

And what have you been drawing in your art journal? 🎨

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