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20 minutes art journaling – blue sky

I kinda like working in this little sketchbook turned into an art journal with the use of collage paper, inserts and most of all, gesso! When you gesso thin pages you instantly create a new waterproof layer ready for new art work. Some might prefer to draw directly on paper, but I’m a fan of gessoed paper. I’m halfway through this gorgeous journal and I can’t wait to add more drawings to it!

Beautiful cover (the journal is approx. 13x20cm – 5’x8′)

So today I want to start a new series on my art journey path. Since I don’t always have enough time to journal each day, it’s important to simply find little “windows” of time to create something new each day, in my case, a new face. You can practically draw and paint whatever you want, but I prefer faces upon any other subject. Sketch, draw, paint, repeat. That’s the only way to achieve great results.

As the title says, 20 minutes are more than enough for a quick art journaling exercise, but you can allow up to 30 minutes or more if you like. I’m sure the minutes spent with the daily exercises will slightly differ and you can even have days with only 10 minutes to create. That’s fine as long as you stick with the practice.

Without further ado, here is my first face of the series. Sketched with graphite pencil with my non-dominant hand and then *perfected* with my dominant hand using neocolors II and white gesso. And for the fun part, I added a few touches of glittering Fabel Castell gel sticks which work amazing on any page, adding an interesting details to the overall result.

Sketch it!
Color it!
Activate the color!
Add finishing touches!

And you’re done! Now what I would like to do is write some thoughts on her neck which is on purpose left wide so I can write on the space. If you don’t want to actually write a message, you can simply scribble few words just to add sone visual interest. Or even better, add (collage) a quote!

See you next time! ⌚🎨🎨🎨

If you like this face, please comment below and also show us what your face looks like! (or whatever you have on the page). πŸ’œ

2 thoughts on “20 minutes art journaling – blue sky

  1. What a great exercise! 20 minutes, I don’t know.. But 15 will do… Ok, I have to admit that most of the times it’s hard to paint just 20 minutes, I feel like that’s not enough for me or I get caught in the process!
    Your blog is really inspiring, thank you for posting! 🌈🌈🌈

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