20 minutes art journaling - golden bow by Cristina Parus Panaet @ creativemag.ro
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20 minutes art journaling – golden bow

Another face drawing has found a place in my art journal, this time one that’s a little bit dreamy and fairy.


Hello creative souls! ❤️

If the previous girl had blonde hair, this one is a redhead girl with electric blue eyes. I really like her dreamy expression! And speaking of eyes, I like the way she looks up as if she’s dreaming about something she won’t tell.

I’m working in the same journal as before, so that makes it equally difficult to paint on this paper, but far from being impossible. The truth is that I enjoy working in this journal even if it has thin paper. It’s even more rewarding in the end! 😉

Sketching a face

So here is the sketch. This time I took my time to draw her beautifully, but even so, I only notice she has an eye larger than the other only when I started adding the final layers and doing her eyes.

Activate the color

The purple monocrome background of this girl goes very well with the bright turquoise blue on the other page. Don’t you think?

20 minutes art journaling - golden bow by Cristina Parus Panaet @ creativemag.ro
Here’s the final result <3

One way to make sure you like how her features look like is to take a picture and look closely at it. This way you’ll see it with a different eye and notice details you haven’t seen before because the lens show us a slightly different perspective than the one we see directly with our eyes.

See you next time,


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