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Drawing with charcoal and adding paint to it - by Cristina Parus @

Charcoal Acrylics Mixed Media Portrait

Happy New Year dear creative soul! The reason why I haven’t post here lately is simply because I wanted to take...

Charcoal portraits by Cristina Parus @

And again, lovely charcoal

I drew this right next to the male face, with the intend to color her as I did with him,...

Charcoal, sepia, mixed media portrait by Cristina Parus @

Charcoal sepia mixed media portrait

Sometimes I love to work on loose sheets of paper, like Mixed Media Canson block, the 200 grm (120 lbs)...

Portret in charcoal si pasteluri cretate

Un nou inceput de saptamana aduce o noua fata in art jurnalul meu. De data asta este vorba de un...

Charcoal mixed acrylic paints - dive into mixed media by Cristina Parus @

Mixed media page – messy pigtail braids

I have already started a series with these charcoal faces that keep appearing in my art journals. I cannot help...

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