Adding flowers and texture

After drawing and painting this face over here, I’ve realized that the other page of the spread was looking incomplete and needed an urgent change. Although the previous page was looking pretty good, wait to see how the spread came together … I wasn’t a fan of the spread so I decided to add some flowers to complete the whole spread.

The page has some bright pink background and a few circles on the bottom of it, so it wasn’t so pleasant visually. The idea with the flowers came only after I drew a few oval shapes that were nothing close to flowers of any kind, but after I let this sit for a while, it came to me: those should be petals! Just a quick reminder to let your art sit a little bit or even overnight, because you might see it with different eyes when coming back to paint more.

Textured flowers by Cristina Parus @

I covered the inky background with white acrylic paint, and because I had non-permanent ink on the surface, it kinda stained the white, offering some interesting effects! Of course, I could very well add more white acrylic paint to completely cover the background, but why would I do that?! I love it so much the way it is!

Textured flowers by Cristina Parus @

Does it look better now? ABSOLUTELY! 😍
What better way to change a page than to paint over something you like?!

Textured flowers by Cristina Parus @

And to complete this page, I added a little bit of glittering/metalic gelatos that create amazing “waves” of color when I move the journal in the light! ✨✨✨ And I also added a turquoise blue around the girl’s head to unify the page spread.

Textured flowers by Cristina Parus @
Textured flowers by Cristina Parus @
Textured flowers by Cristina Parus @

See you soon,

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