Art and letters

Art and letters by Cristina Parus @
Art and letters

I don’t usually write messages in my art journals, but I should integrate that into my daily practice. Adding words and messages is like speaking with a future self that will see the pages at a later date, probably with different eyes and meaning.

Art and letters by Cristina Parus @

I started this page spread with a simple sketch using a watercolor black pencil, then continued with neocolors 2. They are creamy and so pigmented that you simply cannot love them! Of course, you can use other watercolor pencils, but I guess the result won’t be the same.

Art and letters by Cristina Parus @

At first, I wanted to add gesso and blend the colors with it, but I realized there’s no need for gesso: the colors went bold and gorgeous 🎨

Art and letters by Cristina Parus @

The final result looks great, and I kinda like how the face is completed by the words!
I have so many other faces waiting, this art journal might be one of my favorite so far, and that because of its dimensions, it’s ideal for quick 20 minutes art journaling pages!

See you soon,

Cristina ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌀

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