Canvas Paintings

Focus: on abstract paitings

In the last months, I’ve been captivated by abstract paintings and how beautiful they unfold in front of my eyes. I’ve started with some journal pages and ended up creating two big canvases that are now ready to be varnished and listed for sale.

Sadhus Holly man - Acrylic on canvas by Cristina Parus @
Canvas Paintings

Meditation. Intuition. Tranquility.

This painting was inspired by the book Physical Intelligence – tune in and discover the power of your intuition. Terry and Linda Jamison. Calm, tranquility, inner-peace. Intuition. Lightsomeness. This is what this painting inspires. When you find at peace with yourself, this is how your face should look like. I’ve found this portrait on Pinterest, […]

Girl with Nicobar bird by Cristina Parus @
Canvas Paintings

Girl with Nicobar bird

Painting in an art journal feels great, but from time to time I need to go back to painting on canvas. The reasons I don’t paint that much on canvas vary from mood to practical ones, but I always tend to get back and jump into creative process creating mostly portraits, as the one you are […]

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