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Doodles and marks

For so long I’ve been drawing and painting whimsical faces thar today I felt like trying something different. And since I didn’t doodle or create this kind of backgrounds in my journals, it was a very interesting exercise of letting go and surrender to the process of doodling!

First I did some marks and drew a heart, just what felt natural to draw… Then I added gesso and had to wait until it got dry to get to the next stage : adding colors! 🎨 Somehow I feel it’s not ready and the layers of color can come over and over…

Do I have to mention how relaxing this is? And when in a relaxed state, more great ideas can come unexpectedly! Like for example, you could definitely add a face, draw bigger shapes, paint abstract flowers and so on…!

What else is in your art journal?

See you soon,


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