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Grab your pencil and sketch a face!

As I was saying in my last post, these days we might actually draw/sketch more than usual and that’s a good thing for the psychic, right?! And all I can say is that I encourage you to do the same, drawing has such a relaxing effect on our minds. You can draw anything you want or simply sketch, but if you’re here I suppose (and hope) you are interested in drawing whimsical faces out of your imagination! There’s no better time to get started with your drawing practice, so go ahead and grab your supplies now!

Here are a few of the drawings I did these days/weeks. Some of them are already covered with watercolor and the first one is on the blog, others are yet to be completed.

If you want to draw and paint along with me, come over and join my online course on drawing and painting whinsical faces!

whimsical face sketch @ creativemag.ro

This one was a quick sketch few days ago.

whimsical face sketch @ creativemag.ro
whimsical face sketch @ creativemag.ro
These two faces can be printed for your convenience and painted when you join my whimsical faces course. You’ll have your face ready to paint even if you don’t feel confident yet to draw your own.

What new in your art journal?!

See you soon,

Cristina 🌈🎨🌈

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