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How to turn a sketch into a painting

Starting your own mixed media journal can be scary or intimidating, but remember once you get started it will get easier and funnier to draw, paint or collage. And even painting a face over an abstract background will seem easy enough to just give it a try. So, why not start today?

If my last blog caught your interest and you want to know the process from a sketch to a painted face, keep on reading. In this post I’ll show you how beautiful and easy it is to paint with acrylic paints, still my most favorite medium ever!

This sketch started with a black marker I bought from Ikea, so it’s just an ordinary black marker you might have in your stash already. Next step was to add some color, and this part is the scariest of all, because the face looks pretty odd and you don’t know how this is going to look in the end or if you are going to love it.

I’m using POSCA markers to add some interest and create her hair, eyes and lips, and also add some watercolor pencils to the face. I’m not gonna limit to watercolor, because I love acrylic paints, so this will be added next. I skipped a few stages and didn’t capture her on photos, but this is how it looks like after few layers of acrylics. I decided to use the same colors for the background and I kind of like how the page looks like at this point.

Final touches and she’s ready to go. I like the “muddy” feeling of each brush stroke as my intention was not to create a “smooth” skin. I like her hair and the pencil touches that makes her look so whimsical!

Her expression might be speaking the sadness of the artist, because I’m traveling a period of great challenges, but I still like this face, probably because of the color combination and texture.

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