Sadhus Holly man - Acrylic on canvas by Cristina Parus @
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Meditation. Intuition. Tranquility.

This painting was inspired by the book Physical Intelligence – tune in and discover the power of your intuition. Terry and Linda Jamison.

Calm, tranquility, inner-peace. Intuition. Lightsomeness. This is what this painting inspires. When you find at peace with yourself, this is how your face should look like. I’ve found this portrait on Pinterest, in a collection called “people of the world”, and when I opened the link in the photo, it took me to the Leica Camera Blog to a post about Manuel Uebler Photographer. You can read more about it here.

Sadhus Holly man - Acrylic on canvas by Cristina Parus @

Acest tablou a fost inspirat de cartea Inteligenta Extrasenzoriala – Acordeaza-te la alte dimensiuni si descopera-ti puterea intuitiei! scrisa de Linda si Terry Jamison.

Calm, liniste, impacare cu sinele. Intuitie. Iluminare. Toate astea sunt ceea ce inspira acest tablou. Atunci cand ti-ai gasit linistea interioara, fata ta ar trebui sa arate asa. Am gasit acest portret pe Pinterest, intr-o colectie numita “people of the world”, si cand am deschis linkul din poza, m-a dus pe blogul lentilelor Leica, la un articol despre fotograful Manuel Uebler. Puteti citi mai multe despre subiectul tabloului aici.

Sadhus Holly man - Acrylic on canvas by Cristina Parus @

I already loved this look! But at this point was far from being ready!

Deja imi placea la nebunie cum arata, dar era departe de a fi terminat!

Sadhus Holly man - Acrylic on canvas by Cristina Parus @

Another few layers and it’s done! Now isn’t he lovely? Prints and original painting can be purchased here.

Alte cateva straturi de acrylic si e gata! Nu-i asa ca arata minunat?


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