New Art Supplies by Cristina Parus @
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New Art supplies!


New Art Supplies by Cristina Parus @

The other day I was surprised to find that Auchan has extended its crafts and DIY shelves with more popular items and art supplies that serve the purpose of art journaling and mixed media. I found these cute acrylic stamps that can be used both in art journals but also to create cards or in bullet journals.

Acrylic stamps and Ikea markers - @

And there were plenty other goodies to pick from the shelf, and all at a bargain price! I really have to visit again soon and buy some other items that caught my eyes! To use these stamps, you’re gonna need an acrylic block to place the stamps on, so you can press them down against the paper.

Face sketching with Ikea markers by Cristina Parus @

I also have been trying some black markers I bought from Ikea a month or two ago. You can use them in many ways, such as sketching or simply creating marks of interest. And because they are black and bold, they can be used as accent on a very colorful background or to draw a face on an acrylic background. However, they show through the paper, so you have to be careful what journal you choose to use when drawing with them.

New Art Supplies by Cristina Parus @


Oh, and one more thing I bought was this little cute heart-shaped paper punch! I’m not a paper punch fan, I know they are mostly used to create paper cards, so as I’m not making any of these, this punch is the only one in my stash! I think will make a nice page border if used one punch after another so that the hearts create a straight border.


Ikea markers sample writing @


What art supplies do you love using the most in your art journals?


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  1. Cristina, the Creative Mag says:

    What’s your favorite art supply?

  2. Connie says:

    Lately I just use a drawing pen and my watercolors. I seem to have misplaced my painting mojo again, and I try to break the creative rut by doing life sketches.

  3. Cristina, the Creative Mag says:

    Hey, Connie! Thanks for stopping by! Do you sketch those on the spot? It’s nice to change a little bit from time to time. I tried not to draw faces, but I keep on coming back to drawing them in my journal! I guess some abstractness would be welcomed on my art journals. 😊

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