No words, just feelings

I started this journal page having in mind a totally different idea, but you know how it goes: you open your journal and say you’re going to draw a bird, but you end up with a dog. Well, not really the case, but what I wanted to “paint” and share to the world was different from what I got at the end.

No words, just feelings - art jourrnal page by Cristina Parus @

However, I don’t mind the result. When it comes to colors, I had something much darker in mind, but I couldn’t find my black acrylic paint to paint with it. So I took the turquoise and yellow – two other favorite colors – and started to draw undefined marks with a flat brush. Then I added the text “No words – just feelings” because these words were the ones wanting to come out on the paper.

No words, just feelings - art jourrnal page by Cristina Parus @

Now after I wrote the words and made the photos, I think the page on the right should have the same “theme” as the one on the left, just different colors, right?!

See you soon,


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