One sketch a day - my cell phone - by Cristina Parus @
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One sketch a day – my cell phone

There are things you own now, but they won’t be yours forever. They break, become useless and are replaced with others…So does with my cell phone. Yours, too. 

One sketch a day - my cell phone - by Cristina Parus @

Sunt lucruri pe care le detii acum, dar care nu vor fi ale tale pentru totdeauna. Acestea se strica, devin nefolositoare si sunt inlocuite de altele…asa se intampla si cu telefonul meu mobil. Si cu al tau la fel.


Let's say every day I'm giving-away the power of a smile and the power of positive affirmations. Let's stay focused on good, optimist things, rather what complain about the negative ones in our lives!

I'm Cristina {creativeMag} and I welcome you to smile every single day of your life! (smile especially when you don't feel like ;) You already feel better, isn't it?)

I'm a mixed media Artist, love to create mixed media art journal pages, paint on canvas, I have a thing for handmade jewelry, I'm learning French {again}, diving into German, perfecting Spanish to the native level, and loving life! My native language is Romanian and English comes as a second skin!

Always wear your smile, no matter what!

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