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Mixed Media & Art Journaling with Love
Mixed media Redhead beauty by Cristina Parus @

Mixed media redhead beauty

I love to mix all kind of art supplies and for me it seems easier to create a page this...

Pencil sketch - little girl - by Cristina Parus @

Pencil sketch

Sometimes this is all I want to create: a random pencil sketch from my own imagination… Cateodată, asta e tot...

Pink dream by Cristina Parus @

Art journal page – Pink dream

It’s been a while now since I’ve painted her, but I wasn’t really able to post lately. Here you have...

Drawing and painting shells - by Cristina Parus @

Painted Watercolor Shells

I haven’t got the chance to see the sea and probably I won’t this year. But even so, I wanted...

Colorful Feathers in my Art Journal by Cristina Parus @

Art journal page – feathers

Been doing lots of pages and haven’t post in ages about my journal creations. But today I wanna share with...