Messy watercolor profile face by Cristina Parus @
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Messy watercolor profile face

To me, watercolor paintings seem pretty hard hard to complete, especially because I don’t care for the rules, but still I am working with watercolors which are transparent and need extra care when it comes to layering color. But I’m working in an art journal, so I’m not worrying too much. Pentru mine, pictatul in …

Charcoal mixed acrylic paints - dive into mixed media by Cristina Parus @
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Mixed media page – messy pigtail braids

I have already started a series with these charcoal faces that keep appearing in my art journals. I cannot help but loving this mix between charcoal pencil and acrylic paints more and more. It created a beautiful layer on the face and there are no rules regarding what you are allowed to use or not. …

Portrait in colored pencils - by Cristina Parus @
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Portrait in colored pencils

Remember the January 2015 colored 30 portraits in 30 days project I post about here? Some of the faces were painted using mixed media, some in watercolor, but lots of them were drawn using colored pencils.  This face you’re seeing today was inspired by a photo I found on the web and I thought it …

The junk journal project - leaflet painting over by Cristina Parus @
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The junk journal project – leaflet painting over

YOU have to silence your mind in order to listen to your intuition.   As I told you before, I love the freedom a junk journal offers: you don’t have to worry about ruining the paper or the journal, because this is a . . .junk journal! The junk journal project was born just because …

Sketching buildings in watercolor - by Cristina Parus @
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Sketching buildings in watercolor

Sketching buildings has never been my best skill. I never took classes on drawing and perspective always seemed so complicated to me. But that doesn’t mean I cannot sketch just for the sick of it in my art journal: it doesn’t have to be perfect and it isn’t. Schitarea cladirilor nu a fost niciodata unul …

Celebrating Birth Coloring Book - Cristina Parus @
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Celebrating Birth Coloring Book {free download}

There is an increasing interest for coloring books for adults meant to reduce stress and calm nerves. And there are also few that treat the joy of giving birth. I found one of them on the internet that is completely FREE to download and color your way! It can be found and downloaded here, together with …