My unborn baby artist painted 🎨 this - by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

My unborn baby artist 🎨 painted this

Aww, this entry has less to do with art journaling and mixed media, although it involves brushes and watercolor. It all started with a video I stumbled upon and found it very interesting. It is about mums helping other moms from Africa, better said saving their unborn children through the means of art. You can …

Soft pastel portrait by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Soft pastels portrait on packaging paper art journal

Remember my brown packaging paper art journal? It’s time to draw again and fill in the pages! It’s been a while since I haven’t used my soft pastels, and today I grab them and drew this face: Va mai amintiti de jurnalul din hartie de imapchetat? E timpul sa desenez iar ceva in el! A trecut ceva …

Watercolor splashes by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Watercolor – I’m not perfect

Another face builded up in watercolor only appeared in my art journal. This one was painted on my Canson ART ONE, which has paper suitable for sketching rather than watercolors. But I use this for art journaling, so perfection don’t come into equation. O altă față în acuarelă a apărut la mine în jurnal. Aceasta …