Purple pen face sketch by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro
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Purple pen face sketch

Today I’m back in my Canson Art book one sketching art journal. I started this face as a play, sketching it with a purple pen I carry around in my hand bag all the time. And because it started to look beautiful, I had to add some color, too. Part of her face was painted with acrylics, like her neck and certain areas on her forehead, and some of the face was painted in watercolors, like her cheeks.

Astazi lucrez iar in jurnalul de la Canson Art Book cu hartie de schita. Am inceput fata asta ca o joaca, schitand direct cu un pix mov pe care il port mereu cu mine in geanta. Si pentru ca s-a dovedit a fi atat de frumoasa, a trebuit sa adaug si putina culoare. O parte din fata ei este pictata cu acrilice, cum ar fi gatul si anumite zone de pe frunte, iar alte parti sunt in acuarela, cum ar fi obrajii.

Purple pen face sketch by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

I never intended to paint the background violet/purple, but it just occurred to me that if I drew the face with the same color, why not ‘melt’ her into the picture?

Nu am intentionat sa-i pictez fundalul violet/purpuriu, dar mi-am dat seama ca daca tot am desenat fata in aceeasi culoare, ce-ar fi s-o incadrez si mai bine in peisaj?

Purple pen face sketch by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

And this is how the end result looks like. I kinda like that over-dimensional bow on her hair, although it wan’t meant to be that big.

Iar acesta este rezultatul final. Imi cam place funda supra-dimensionata din parul ei, desi nu am intentionat s-o desenez atat de mare.

Tu ce-ai mai pictat in jurnal?

Pe curand,




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  1. What a lovely idea – to sketch with a purple pen! I’ve been sketching with a pen too but with a black ink. I should try experimenting with other colors next time.

    1. Cristina
      Cristina, the Creative Mag says:

      Yup, if you have the chance Connie, please do try! It’s interesting to see how it can turn out!

      1. Is your ballpen ink permanent?

      2. Cristina
        Cristina, the Creative Mag says:

        Yes, Connie. It is, definitely. Won’t go away, not a chance! 😍

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