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Small abstract acrylic painting art πŸ’œ

Although I still love to draw faces, I’m more and more captivated by abstract paintings. In my last blog post, I was listing a few of the art journal pages I was working on.

Since then, I’ve created more abstracts, but also some new face sketches I will post later on the blog.

For now, I wanna show you a beautiful abstract painting I did on mixed media/watercolor paper – it looks so good and the colors are vibrant and bold.

Here are some of the steps I followed and how I got started.

First, I’ve created a loose background with Neocolors 2 watercolor crayons, then I added water and some white gesso.

The next step was to add some black acrylic paint as an underline to create some depth, but the black was almost entirely covered with other acrylic paint colors. I have to work on that to learn how to lay the colors in order to leave some of the black pop underneath the other colors. It’s pretty interesting the visual effect it creates!

The under color was a background starter.

And here is what came next…

Kind of a mess, but…
But then, it started to look beautiful!
And here it is…
I kinda love this stage now, but back then I didn’t like it very much
Almost done…
And this is the final version 😎

And this is how it all started… My love for abstract acrylic paintings has grown so much, that I’ve created more abstracts canvas, two of which are already in my Etsy shop. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

See you soon,


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