Soul Art Day 2018 – May 23

Today is International Soul Art Day and all artists, healers, creators of any kind, and visionaries are called to create art today more than any other day. It’s perfect occasion to let go fear of creating art and try something new if you like.

Soul Art Day 2018 detail


Just like I did: I’m not familiar with collage art. Not long ago, I’ve seen some kind of collage art on Pinterest and decided to give it a try: it’s not my style at all and I’m wondering what journal would be most suitable for this kind of art. Practically, you are collaging cuts from magazines and put them together to form some kind of visual representation on your art journal. You can combine it with paint or write some quote or your own thoughts next to the image. And this is cool because you get to use recycled paper and transform it into something new while creating art in your journal!


So after some thoughts I chose to start a new journal for this kind of art, and I had the perfect one waiting: the secret garden journal, the version with lined pages.

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret Garden journal

I love this journal cover with golden insertions and that fact that has hard cover makes it perfect to draw and paint or just write in it.

I was inspired by the peonies smell and found the right image in an magazine, so I cut this girl holding a pink peony in her hand and a perfume bottle that matches the colors: pink and golden: what a combination! To tell you the truth, I love this color mix as makeup on my eyes, it looks fresh and glamorous if you add more golden than pink. But back to the journal page…

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret Garden journal

I did a little peony sketch using watercolor pencils and then added water to activate the colors. Because I had golden on the image and perfume has a golden cap, I grabbed my golden acrylic paint and diluted with water to create a watery effect and then applied on the peony’s petals.

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret Garden journal

Look at that glimmer and shine! Not bad at all! And then I decided where to place that woman with the pink peony, I inserted some writing along with it. So in the end, my page was looking like this:

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret Garden journalSoul Art Day 2018 Secret Garden journal

And since I haven’t done this type of page before, I believe it looks pretty good. The most important thing is that I had fun completing this page and I think I’ll probably do this kind of collaging in the future, next time I’ll use more acrylic paint and maybe draw with POSCA markers.


A little bit about the Secret Garden Journal

Its pages are pretty thick, but it’s sure thing they don’t take water too well. However, I think that applying one layer of gesso would be of much help and thicken the pages even more. Something to try next time! Or you can keep it just for writing. Your choice! Here are some of the 70 small illustrations from the journal. Gorgeous work, Johanna Basford!

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret GARDEN page detail

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret GARDEN page detail

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret GARDEN page detail

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret GARDEN page detail

Soul Art Day 2018 Secret GARDEN page detail

Love this last one! You can doodle around these drawings and create your own patter, or simply incorporate the drawing into your art as you develop a new page! 😉


See you next time. Happy International Soul Art Day!

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