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Exploring the Beauty of Little Art Journals ๐ŸŒผ

Art journals have become a popular means of artistic expression, allowing artists to combine various forms of media in a personal and intimate format. While larger sketchbooks and canvases are more traditional, small art journals offer a unique and distinct canvas for the artists to explore their creativity. Here are some pros and cons aspects […]

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Days of September

Days getting shorter and nights longer and colder, time to take advantage of the sun still shining on and stay as much as possible out in nature, breathing the fresh autumnal scent of the earth. The time for cozy and comfortable clothes is soon approaching, but until thenโ€ฆ And, of course, draw and paint some […]

New Art Supplies by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro
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New Art supplies!

  The other day I was surprised to find that Auchan has extended its crafts and DIY shelves with more popular items and art supplies that serve the purpose of art journaling and mixed media. I found these cute acrylic stamps that can be used both in art journals but also to create cards or […]

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What I’ve been doing + New Art Projects

It was great to #painting again. I even created a short #video while doing it, and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love #watching it. The page in the right: #Derwent #inktensepencils with a bit of white #gesso. The result? Fast and furious #art #journalling #whimsical #face. Want more? Check out the next #artvideo! #drawing #face […]

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