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New Art Supplies by Cristina Parus @

New Art supplies!

  The other day I was surprised to find that Auchan has extended its crafts and DIY shelves with more...

Junk journal face by Cristina Parus @

What I’ve been doing + New Art Projects

It was great to #painting again. I even created a short #video while doing it, and I’m pretty sure you’re...

Drawing with Oil Pastels - Art journal page by Cristina Parus @

Drawing With Oil Pastels

You have seen me using oil pastels here and here. They are a fabulous medium to use and now I...

Natural painting surfaces

I think I’ve first found this kind of paintings on Pinterest more than 2 years ago. Since then a lot...

watercolor flowers

Daler Rowney Pocket Sketchbook {video}

I wrote about this sketchbook some time ago and here you can find the post. There are many things to be said...

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