Charcoal mixed acrylic paints - dive into mixed media by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Mixed media page – messy pigtail braids

I have already started a series with these charcoal faces that keep appearing in my art journals. I cannot help but loving this mix between charcoal pencil and acrylic paints more and more. It created a beautiful layer on the face and there are no rules regarding what you are allowed to use or not. […]

Charcoal portraits by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

And again, lovely charcoal

I drew this right next to the male face, with the intend to color her as I did with him, but I loved how the charcoal blended with gesso and decided to only add some background and leave the face as is. Am desenat fata asta chiar langa cea a barbatului pe care l-ati vazut, […]

Charcoal, sepia, mixed media portrait by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Charcoal sepia mixed media portrait

Sometimes I love to work on loose sheets of paper, like Mixed Media Canson block, the 200 grm (120 lbs) in A5 format 14,8x 21 cm (5.8”x8.3”). This type of paper works pretty good when adding water, and it’s perfect to experience all kind of mixed media techniques.Β  Uneori imi place sa lucrez pe bucati […]

Limited palette - by Cristina Parus @ - Nov 2015
Art Journaling

Portrait with limited palette

I began to love charcoal. Its smooth feeling on the paper and the marks that it lefts on the surface are fantastic. And because I can smudge it with water while adding some color makes it look even better.Β  Am inceput sa iubesc carbunele. Senzatia de moale pe care o lasa pe hartie si urmele […]

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