Pencil sketch - Girl with flying hair by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Pencil sketch – Girl with flying hair

Once in a while I really feel I want to use just a pencil and my paper stump to draw...

Watercolor Portrait inspired by Pam Carriker's book - by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Watercolor portrait – Pam Carriker inspired

I wrote about Pam Carriker’s book here and also posted a video on YouTube about her book. Here is a face inspired by a...

Barcelona Buildings Quick Sketches

Barcelona Buildings Quick Sketches

I should sketch buildings more often, but I guess it’s hard to capture them on location if the weather is...

In the shadow - by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

In the shadow

Not all the pages in my journal come out so easily or beautifully from the first shot. Some of them...

Soft pastel portrait by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Soft pastels portrait on packaging paper art journal

Remember my brown packaging paper art journal? It’s time to draw again and fill in the pages! It’s been a while...

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