March 1st Painting Flowers Project by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Watercolor Pink Magnolia

As you already know by know, March is going to be all about flowers. I don’t particularly want to draw realistic flowers, but I chose flowers because they are a nice subject, easy to complete in an art journal depending on what style you choose to use, and are fast, especially when you don’t have […]

Art Journaling

Transforma o pagina veche intr-una noua!

Un jurnal nu este si nici nu trebuie sa fie perfect. Dimpotriva, un art joutnal poate contine multe pagini incomplete si ….imperfecte! Este un loc in care experimentati si prin care va experimentati pe zi ce trece. Imaginea atasata este o veche pagina din jurnal la care m-am intors astazi si pe care o pot […]

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