packaging paper abstract art journal page by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Abstract marks on packaging paper

The easiest and least expensive way to make an art journal is by using packaging paper you have around the house. You’ve seen already my mini packaging paper journal I posted on the blog last year. I still have plenty of pages to fill in and so many ideas!  Cel mai usor si economic mod de  crea […]

11+ artists that inspired me over the time - Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

11+ artists that inspired my art journey

I remember when I started with art journaling..! So many pages, so many artists! I felt overwhelmed by the variety of styles and mediums I had discovered in such a short time just by searching  old Google. There are many artists that inspired me to create over the time. Most of them offer online classes, […]

Mixed Media Portrait on a brown packaging paper art journal by Cristina Parus
Art Journaling

Brown paper art journal face

Although at first I thought it’s going to be a pain in the @ss drawing and painting on brown packaging paper, now I kinda started to love it. I wrote about this journal and how I made it here. Now I had to try more wet media to see how it reacts to it. I […]

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