Barcelona Buildings Quick Sketches

I should sketch buildings more often, but I guess it’s hard to capture them on location if the weather is not that friendly. But we can always work after a photo we took on vacation and capture the beauty of the building in our journals. A sketch has its charming look and will always be more interesting and catchy than a photography could ever be. Cred ca ar trebui sa schitez cladiri mai des, dar e cam greu sa captezi frumusetea lor in locatie daca vremea nu …

One sketch a day - Watercolor eye shadows

One sketch a day – Watercolor eye shadows

You don’t need to sketch something complicated. I sketched this one last year on my way home from the seaside, in the same sketchbook I did with the flowers here. Nu trebuie sa schitati ceva complicat. Am schitat aceasta pagina in drum spre casa de la mare, in acelasi caiet de schite in care am schitat si florile de aici. And the sketch doesn’t have to be the exact copy of the reference photo. Just have fun while sketching! Iar schita nu trebuie sa fie …

Watercolor face by Cristina Parus @

One sketch a day – girl in watercolors

Going back to faces today. And because I don’t feel like painting mixed media, I’ll stick with watercolors. First thing first, a pencil sketch. You can use a watercolor, colored or graphite pencil. I’m using a purple watercolor pencil for this face, and if you are afraid of going too bold, you can switch to a soft gray or even a graphite pencil you can very well erase if you wish.