Messy watercolor profile face by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Messy watercolor profile face

To me, watercolor paintings seem pretty hard hard to complete, especially because I don’t care for the rules, but still I am working with watercolors which are transparent and need extra care when it comes to layering color. But I’m working in an art journal, so I’m not worrying too much. Pentru mine, pictatul in […]

The junk journal project: diving intuition art journal page by Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

The junk journal project – diving intuition mixed media portrait

*****The junk journal is a dear project of mine I’ve wrote about here. Some people are afraid to draw faces. I can see that and perfectly understand it because as weird at this may seem, I am myself ‘afraid’ that if I try abstract/intuitive paintings will not come as beautiful as I want them to […]

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