watercolor buildings

Sketching buildings in watercolor - by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Sketching buildings in watercolor

Sketching buildings has never been my best skill. I never took classes on drawing and perspective always seemed so complicated...

Barcelona Buildings Quick Sketches

Barcelona Buildings Quick Sketches

I should sketch buildings more often, but I guess it’s hard to capture them on location if the weather is...

watercolor flowers

Daler Rowney Pocket Sketchbook {video}

I wrote about this sketchbook some time ago and here you can find the post. There are many things to be said...

Doors and gates by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Doors, gates and stairs

Door and gates have something special, they are not just door or gates, they represent something more than that. When...

male drawing by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.rio

Whimsical male faces

It’s a fact that drawing faces can be fairly difficult, but drawing male faces it comes even harder for me....

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