Take a moment to reconnect with yourself
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Take a moment to reconnect with your inner self

In these hard times with the pandemic crisis and pandemic histeria that arised build up by the newd in mass media day after day, we might find ourselves caught in a carousel of mixed emotions and feelings, with too much thoughts going on in our heads these days. It’s crystal clear to me we need to re-center, re-evaluate the situation, redirect our focus inward rather than spending our energy watching the TV or even worse, browsing the Facebook feed. The latter is the most dangerous for the emotional health and personal balance – there are fake news that invaded our feeds and I sense that some people, even among my Facebook friends, are dependent on this negative stream of news that keeps them trapped into an never-ending negativity.

As the number of those infected with this virus is hiking, so the panic follows. While we should keep good and strict hygiene routine, washing our hands as often as possible, avoiding crowds and socially distancing from people, we must understand that panic and anxiety are the biggest enemies of your immune system. If you want to stay healthy, part from these news and only watch tv a few minutes a day to stay informed and know how things evolve. But no more than that, otherwise this could alter your perception and rise your anxiety and alertness unnecessarily.

If you are working from home, like most of us, then concentrate on the work so you can finish your task sooner and better. It’s known that people can very well do a eight-hour job in only six hours if they stay focused and connected on the tasks they need to complete, and that’s really doable. Also, working from home means no commute to and from the office, which allows you to spend more time and enjoy of your family. Of course, not all of us are lucky. There are many doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, firemen, police officers and others that need to be present and work for the benefit of us all, in a common effort to stop the spread of this virus. We should be grateful for all of them doing their best job to serve us.

There are so many things you can do….

If you decided it’s better to stay inside or you are simply in an area where the quarantine or home isolation were imposed, then you have so much to do inside, like spring cleaning, family cooking or simply relaxing reading a book. Did you notice how reading the word “relaxing” makes you feel these days? You almost jumped saying (or thinking into your head!), how can we relax in this situation? Yes, we can, and we must, in a way that we really need it so much. Stress can create illness, and illness is the least thing we want right now, isn’t it? Relaxing, laughing and focusing on positive thoughts and things can boost immune system so much! And I’m not saying that myself, scientists have proven so! So unplug, create space for yourself a few hours a day and be grateful for what you have.

Let’s pray for the better…

In this dramatic situation, you might find peace in a prayer, even if you’re not religious. In fact, praying has little to do with religion, but much more with how you connect with God or the force that moves the universe around. You might call it whatever you feel more comfortable with, but it’s one and the same. It’s more important how we send our prayers. Many or most of the people pray out of fear, but that’s not what I mean by sending prayers to the universe. I was also taught in my childhood years to pray like that, from the position of the victim, not having the power to change a thing and only hoping that something will eventually change. But not any more. It’s time to realize we have the power to change so many things and we must use that power now. The right way to pray, as I was to find out years later as a young adult, it’s so Empowering and revealing, that I was surprised at first. It’s true that change is hard, soo hard! It took me years to come as far as I am now, and I’m not even half of the way! We should pray as we already have what we pray for, and not begging, but firmly asking what we want as if we already have it. That rising energy born from the gratitude feeling we already have what we want is so powerful and has such a great impact in our lives, if we only open the doors to receive and believe it is possible.

What else can we do

What I choose of doing is create a space that invites to art creation, be it drawing or painting, writing or anything else that implies the creative process. These days I went through old journal pages, browse some of my favorite artist fellows and got inspired by what they create. This is so energizing! I love to see what others create and get into the flow of creation.

Today I rediscovered a journal spread I did a while ago, but never considered as a finished page, only to realize thay it doesn’t have to be finished, it only needs my attention to reflect on the page and write about it on my blog ☺️

Coming soon on the blog 💜❤️💜

And some background work I did long ago, but I still find it gorgeous and I still like this, so I’m going to reproduce it on another spread!

Background work with inks ❤️💜❤️

Meditate and… Ohooponopono technique

Meditation is a powerful tool that helps you tobetter understand yourself, to connect with your inner self and so much more. I’m not going to get into details, there are plenty of websites out there that explain how to meditate and create a connection. You can also check YouTube for more inspiration regarding the subject.

Ohooponopono is a Hawaiian practice, a powerful prayer that helps in so many ways, from physical healing to emotional – there are four main forces: Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love, they are the only forces at work and they have amazing power. Read more in depth here.

Stay safe!


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