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The storm of the last months

The last couple of months have been intense and tough to say at least. The quarantine was nevertheless hard to cope with, especially with the emotional stress, where high levels of frustration and anxiety were recorded for many days in a row. Children were even more affected by the situation, and mine was no exception. He was hard to understand why we cannot go out, why people suddenly have to wear a mask (not that adults don’t wear a mask anyway trying to pose as somebody else all the time, be it a quarantine or not) and why everybody is making such a big fuss about something that’s invisible and no science man could even isolate or prove it exists. And what I can’t understand is why people don’t see the truth about these masks and the fact that they cannot protect us from a virus that’s so small that could very well pass through the pores of the material that these masks are made.

Flowers in the park by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Before this craziness unfolded, I got to visit the park a few times when the weather was getting warm and just perfect for long nature walks. This is when I took a few pictures with the flowers, trees, grass…

But anyway, time flew and we hoop directly into the summer, having to skip this rather rare and so pleasant spring with wonderful temperatures that could make a walk in the park in the middle of the day a beautiful trip without the worry you could get a sunburn or a heat-stroke. Those days were beautiful and we were forced to stay indoors. What a shame!

During this time, I sat and create some of the most interesting faces and had so much fun while drawing these. If at the beginning I wasn’t that much bothered by the fact that we had to stay indoors, but as time went by and I realized what they are doing, frustration arose at such a high level, that you could sense it in the house. I simply had to take a break from writing on my blog here because I didn’t feel the need to post all about it. In fact, everyone was posting about this so-called pandemic, I had enough about it. And in the whirl of it, I just felt I needed a break from all the craziness and all social media. πŸ˜”

But now it’s time to get back to my creative art journals and focus on my art projects coming on the way: I’m having a new art course in mind and I can’t wait to start recording for it!

Let your dreams become reality!
One of the faces I did in my A4 Derwent art journal

This post was written at the beginning of June and published later in the month (on June 25th).

2 thoughts on “The storm of the last months

  1. I’ll say HI, but I have done no art! What? Well, I am wanting to start back up. Just need to get my stuff out again~ xoxo

    1. Hi there, Cathy! No worries, there is time for art, too! Just get your stuff and create something new…or old?! πŸ™‚ Just have fun while you’re painting!


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