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The things you take for granted someone else is praying for

Most often than not, our busy lives prevent us from looking around at the little things that bring us joy. Being in a continuous state of disatisfaction and disappointment is what keeps us blindfolded from not seeing what’s right in front of our eyes: life ain’t that bad. Things are not that dramatic as they seem at first. People around us have more soul that we want or expect once we get to know them deeply.

Gratitude - things that we take for granted, someone else is praying for. - page by Cristina Parus @

But sometimes the more we try to get to the core of it, the harder it gets to see the things we should be grateful for.

Being grateful for small things we have in our lives is not that hard. Like being able to wake up for yet another day, how is that? Or being able to walk? Spending time with family and close friends, sharing smiles and good vibes shouldn’t be hard at all, even when we realize things are not perfect. People are not perfect. We are not perfect. We have to understand that being grateful and therefore able to see things and situations on another perspective it’s what we most need in order to have more to be grateful for. Yes, sometimes it can be harsh. We might find ourselves in the position of simply accepting the reality around us. And we find it easier to whine and find the negative in all there is, rather than to see the whole picture and realize there are many to be grateful for. But being grateful makes things a lot easier.

GRATITUDE - things that we take for granted, someone else is praying for. - page by Cristina Parus @

This is the quote of today all about: being grateful.

The face on the right is an old one in my journal. I just felt the quote of the day would go so beautiful along with it. The background was made using Getalos, then I sketched a face using a 1.8 – 2.5mm medium bullet tip POSCA black marker. Beautiful!

What’s on your journal today?


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