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Hello, dear art lovers!!!

It’s been a while since my last post on the blog, but that does mean I haven’t created art in the meanwhile. Many pages have been filled in, and I’m proud to say that some of the faces are really gorgeous! I know what matters the most is the practice, so no matter what happens, practice as much as possible – if not daily, because that would make a difference and you’ll become more confident in your abilities to draw, sketch, paint or all together.

Whimsical faces

And because I heeded something to keep me going and add a little bit of a challenge, I’m going to join #the100dayproject and start posting more often my art on the blog. Are you with me? Let’s go! 🎨🎨🎨

Whimsical faces
Whimsical Faces

Here you can read more about the project here, and on that page you can sign up to receive news abut the project and find out more. But practically what you need to do is choose a project and keep on working on it for 100 days. Of course, you can extend that as much as you want, or work as little as you can. Post your creations on Instagram or Facebook, or both, whatever you like.


Tag each post with #100dayproject and any other tag you consider personal.

Here it’s a flip though my spiral art journal so far, I still have to fill a lot of the pages, but I kind of like this paper and the spiral flexibility, I can bend the journal and work on one page at a time more easily πŸ˜‰

Flip tthrough my art journal ❀️
Capture ffrom your imagination

The #100dayproject starts on February 22nd and I can’t wait for it! Grab your art supplies and let’s have fun!

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