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Transforma o pagina veche intr-una noua!

Un jurnal nu este si nici nu trebuie sa fie perfect. Dimpotriva, un art joutnal poate contine multe pagini incomplete si ….imperfecte! Este un loc in care experimentati si prin care va experimentati pe zi ce trece. Imaginea atasata este o veche pagina din jurnal la care m-am intors astazi si pe care o pot transforma intr-o noua pagina. Iar cand nu ai in fata o pagina alba, e mult mai usor sa incepi sa creezi o noua pagina. Voi ce-ati schimba la aceasta pagina!? O puteti schimba radical, aplicand grund alb sau negru, pe intreaga suprafata a paginilor sau doar partial. Sau ati putea scrie ceva caligrafie peste, cum ar fi un citat care sa reprezinte ceea ce simtiti pe moment. Cistina Parus


Let's say every day I'm giving-away the power of a smile and the power of positive affirmations. Let's stay focused on good, optimist things, rather what complain about the negative ones in our lives!

I'm Cristina {creativeMag} and I welcome you to smile every single day of your life! (smile especially when you don't feel like ;) You already feel better, isn't it?)

I'm a mixed media Artist, love to create mixed media art journal pages, paint on canvas, I have a thing for handmade jewelry, I'm learning French {again}, diving into German, perfecting Spanish to the native level, and loving life! My native language is Romanian and English comes as a second skin!

Always wear your smile, no matter what!

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