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Using my son’s designs to create memories

If you have kids you definitely know how much they draw and paint all kind of things, so there are loose paper sheets everywhere and dozens of notebooks all over the place. They simply love to draw! My son is no exception, so he likes to draw all kind of things, like flowers, lines and different shapes. Most of these drawings are sketched on loose sheets of paper, so many them get lost all over the house. I throw away the majority of them, but some I like to keep and repurpose. They can serve as inspiration for new pages and I also like to keep them as a dear memory. Time flies and my son grows so fast and I want to keep some of the pages he’s drawing because these beautiful creations are never coming back, at least not in the same “format”. The imagination they have at this age is priceless!

I have several pages that I intend to keep and add to them, and also some watercolour / acrylic paintings on loose paper that I’ve glued as a collage in one of my Daco’s mini journals.

This is an A6 size Daco spiral journal I’ve bought from a local store to try out its paper. I kinda know how it reacts to water because I have used this journal before – but in a different size, still..I wanted to make sure this is the same quality. It seems it holds pretty well water and now I’m looking into buying more Daco journals in the future. So far I saw they offer a great range of spiral journals, but I would like one without spiral so I can create journal spreads with ease, without that gap in between.

Close up

A detail of the page: you can see the lighter paper was collaged into the journal. The May green marks are my son’s work, I only intuitively added more to the page, but I waned to still have that childish feel my son created.

Close up flowers(?) Are those flowers? I guess it depends on what you want to see!

Don’t know if it’s all done, but I like it so far..If there are flowers? I don’t know that either. I guess it’s in the viewer’s eye. Right now I really don’t think I’m going to add more color, collage, shapes or whatever because it already looks good as it is.

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