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Warm autumn days

Last autumn days of October caught us doing many indoors activities that could be done when the weather gets too cold. My son was more than willing to show his creativity and I went ahead and encourage him to express that creativity on paper using watercolors. If he wanted to paint, then who am I to say no? And how could I, when I love painting so much!? ❀️😍🎨

So I grabbed his watercolors and let him play with the colors, while I took some of my watercolors and simply added color to a 300 grm. watercolor CANSON MIXED MEDIA journal I haven’t been used much because of the landscape orientation. And precisely because I prefer portrait more, I will probably tear its pages and sew a new smaller journal to use the paper as I please, without the spiral border. But I’m not sure about that ..just yet. πŸ™‚

After painting the page, the result wasn’t what I expected, so I quickly decided to add a face to the page using a permanent thin black marker that made the sketch pop-out. My intention was not to just draw a face, but actually paint this girl in acrylic paints.

Are you curious to see how this face turned out? Don’t miss my next blog post where I’ll show you how I painted this face using acrylic paints! 😎

PS. Got a page you totally dislike and don’t know what to do with it? Grab your art supplies and turn it into something else! It’s that simple! You can create an abstract page, draw some lines or circles, sketch a face (like I love to do!) or simply add some collage!

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