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Welcome, July!

Hot sunny days are just making an entrance and we seem to be melting in the evening hours. But hey, I’m sooo glad to be back writing in my journals and here on the blog!

What was happening while I was gone!?

No matter how much I wanted to avoid this, it happened. I wanted to find a way out, but couldn’t find one that was safe enough to go with it. So I went through a surgery I thought I would never have to go through…

But anyways, I’m grateful to continue my journey called life, it’s easy to lose hope when it seems there’s not much left.. Getting back from the hospital felt like a new start, and that’s actually what is.

I’m still recovering and meanwhile I’m taking bits of time to create quick art journal pages to slowly return to my art routine. I really miss painting with acrylic paints, but right now I focus on watercolors and simpke sketches that are easy and fast to create.

Like this cute childish dog I drew in my journal the other day… Or these flowers and abstract shapes. I’m going to create blog posts for each one, just to let you know the process of creation.

Abstract shapes and flowers

I also finished some old whimsical portrait sketches, like this cute girl over here:

Redhead love

This girl looks like me minutes before getting into the surgery room! 🙄 Like.. Freaking out! Yeah, anyway! Don’t ask me why there are green spots on her face, that’s a long story. Truth is that on the back of the page some very strong pigmented markers made their way on the other side, the one with my face. I’ll make sure I’ll post about this face soon, with more photos so you can follow the process.

What else had happened?

On my searches to health and wellness, I was willing to try everything to feel better, get more energy and stay healthy on the long run. I might just found that in Doterra, the most known and trustful company of essential oils that not only offers essential oils, but also supplements and home care and beauty products for daily use. Essential oils couldn’t spare me of the surgery, but they were a great help. And since I discovered the power of essential oils, I’m using them everyday day to diffuse in my home or inhale the emotional ones to help with a better emotional balance when life kicks. I’ve discovered and used other brand before Dōterra, and I still have some of the oils, but I only now understand the *craziness* about Dōterra essential oils: they are really brilliant!

What else?

I have a new haircut! Yeah, I finally take the plunge and cut my hair in a layered medium style! I cut just as needed to see a difference, but not too much.

My new haircut 💖

Have you seen my drawing with your non-dominant hand online course over here? Check out this online course on how you can draw with your non-dominant hand! It’s fun and easy, and what a great exercise for your art journal work!

Drawing with your non-dominant hand

See you soon,

Cristina 🎨

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