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20 minutes art journaling – Girl with Lotus Flower

I thought this time would be nice to try to tweak the face proportions and create something obviously exaggerated, but that stays in the whimsical genre.

Be inspired! - Ground yourself - Art journaling and mixed media @ by Cristina Parus
Be inspired!

I did a very quick sketch with a black watercolor pencil, with my mindset to elongate the face shape so that she looks way looonger than she is, with big eyes and lips to emphasize the dramatic effect. Her hair builds this image having almost no volume at all, in contrast with most of my faces. It’s not the first time I draw like this, but today I wanted to try this style again. It’s obvious that is more carefree, with no big expectations, and that’s the beauty of art journaling! And although I like backgrounds and abstract art journal pages, I keep on coming back to faces, as they have something magical, no matter how tweaked they are.

Get your creative juice flowing! 
 - Ground yourself - Art journaling and mixed media @ by Cristina Parus
Get your creative juice flowing!

This face was made using only neocolors 2 and they were activated with water. I could very well add some acrylic paint, but I like it the way it is, so it stays 100% watercolor.

Inspired by a tarot deck, I drew a flower on the other page to go along with the girl. It kinda looks like a lotus unfolding, but I’m not sure if you can call it a lotus flower. The tarot card that inspired me was The World, a powerful and positive card whose message reads like this: “I celebrate life and welcome new beginnings”. What a beautiful message so much needed in these uncertain times! I used the same neocolors to paint the flower and the background, and this is the final result.

Ground yourself - Art journaling and mixed media @ by Cristina Parus
Be grounded!

I hope you are doing well and create art while keeping a high level of vibration! 🙏🏻

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