Abstract February journals – feb 7
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Abstract February journals – feb 8

Abstract February faces by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Pare ca nu am folosit acrilice, dar la o privire mai atenta, veti vedea ca n-am folosit doar apa. De fapt, am folosit foarte putina apa, pentru ca am preferat sa las acrilicul alb sa “inmoaie” pigmentul culorilor acuarelabile.

It looks like I’ve used only water and no acrylics at all, but if you look closer, you’ll see that I haven’t used just water. In fact, I’ve used very little water, as I wanted the white acrylic to be the one to “melt” the pigment of the watercolor pencil. 

Abstract February faces by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Ca si celelalte, aceste portrete abstracte sunt desenate din imaginatie si nu au nimic de-a face cu vreo poza gasita pe internet, cum a fost cazul in provocarea “30 de portrete in 30 de zile”.

Like all the other abstract portraits this month, this one was drawn from my imagination, without being related with a real photo found on internet, as was the case with the “30 portraits in 30 days”.

Abstract February journals – feb 7

Am adaugat iar creioane colorate peste amestecul de acrilic dupa ce acesta s-a uscat bine, trasand linii pentru a sublinia conturul fetei. Am tras culoarea cu o pensula ciufulita, creand un usor efect de “miscare”.

I’ve added once again colored (watercolor) pencils over the smudged acrylics after they have completely dried, tracing lines to emphasis the face contour,  and with a fluffy brush pushed the pencil pigment to create the “movement” effect. 


Maine cred ca o sa incerc ceva complet abstract, fara nici o fata in mod special. Si poate veti vedea cateva picturi abstracte pe care nu am apucat inca sa le postez pe blog.

I think tomorrow I’m going to try something competely abstract, without any particular face appearing on the page. And maybe I’ll sow you some abstract paintings I have dome, but haven’t posted about on the blog. 😉

Voi ce-ati mai jurnalit azi?

What have you been journaling today?

Pe curand,

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