Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge
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Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge {video}

Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge by Cristina Parus @

I’ve been inspired by Heather Santos to create this brown paper bag video where I’ve used the brown paper bag to create art envelopes. Heather created five cute & sweet hearts! Yay! How cool is that? I’ve always wanted to use my brown paper to create some art, so I thought now it’s the moment to try my hand.

Am fost inspirată de Heather Santos să creez acest video unde puteți vedea cum am folosit hârtia maro de ambalaj pentru a crea cateva plicuri pictate. Heather a creat 5 inimioare drăgălașe! Yay! Cât de minunat! Am vrut întotdeauna să mă folosesc de hârtia maro rămasă de la ambalaje pentru a crea ceva artistic, așa că m-am gândit că acum e momentul perfect să încerc să văd ce iese.

Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge

Want to see how I’ve made these envelopes? Here is the video I’ve created. Enjoy!

Vreți să vedeți cum am făcut aceste plicuri? Iată videoul pe care l-am creat. Vizionare plăcută!


Now I’m curious what’s ahead for May art journaling challenge!

Acum sunt tare curioasă să văad ce provocare ne așteaptă în luna mai!


Pe curând,

7 thoughts on “Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge {video}

  1. Amazing! Your video was a cathartic experience for me. I miss making a mess and doing all sorts of marks and doodles and not caring about color and composition. I should try doing all these again. Thanks for this vid, Cristina. I love your envelopes! Will you send me one? 🙂

    1. Yay! I was thinking just the same! I had so much fun doing “the mess”! And yes, I was also thinking to send you one of these 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, I love to read comments from you!

  2. Wow ! now I know what to do with all those brown paper bags that I gathered in time…. wonderful, Cristina !
    Please, can you show us your filming ”station” ( and all the other details : camera- tripod, software for uploading etc ) ?

    1. I still have some left, Teodora, and I want to use them to collage or maybe create flaps in my journals? 😉
      About the working station, maybe I should make a video? However, it’s a little mess around here and my tripod just got broken (was a really cheap one) – I’m now using my husband’s tripod, but don’t have it on location just yet, so I can’t even show you pictures with it! But anyways, I knew I had a photo made …11 months ago and posted on Instagram. You can check it over here: And, by the way, if you want studio and life insides, follow me on Instagram, it’s where I post new stuff for the first time and sometimes (many times!) they get posted only there! 😉 Find your way around and feel free to browse the older posts there.

      See you around,

  3. I am absolutely entranced with these paper bag envelopes! The color and vibrancy of them struck me. I also enjoyed watching your video showing how you made them.

    1. Thank you, Lynda! I am so happy and hope you got inspired by the video! 😉

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