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Drawing faces: it’s all about practice!

It’s September, again! πŸ‚πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚

I’m way excited for the autumn to come, although I love summer warm days better, but this year the weather has been extremely hot, so I’m happy to say *hello* to the *chilling breeze*. And speaking of which, I’m still on vacation enjoying the last days of warm weather, although it’s officially first day of autumn. 🌊🌊🌊

DACO sketchbook

In the meanwhile, I enjoyed drawing some new whimsical faces in an art journal I haven’t had the chance to show you. It’s a DACO sketch book, a Romanian brand I’ve discovered a while ago, but I couldn’t find any of their products on the market in the online store I used to order. The paper it’s quite good, it reacts well to water contact, although they recomand it only for graphite pencils, wax and colored pencil, pastels and maybe even oil pastels. But you know me, I like mixed media mess with paper of different thickness, starting with 120 grs, which is the case for this DACO sketchbook.

The paper

Drawing faces is all about practice. And I know that from my experience, the more you draw, the better you get. Spending my time more with my kid that creating art again has proven this to me once again: my faces don’t come out so easy and fast as they used to be, and I’m slowly taking back my drawing practice.

Whimsical faces sketched with my non-dominant hand

Even though time has passed, there are still some things that remain unchanged : my love for art and art suppies. I have stopped buying that much because I found that you don’t need that much to create. And, of course, I already have all that I need to create beautiful art!

Whimsical faces

On the other hand, over the time, I discovered what my favorite art supplies are, and what to focus on, and that takes time and practice to figure it out. You night love watercolors today, but be drawn to acrylics tomorrow. The more you practice, the more you’ll know what suits your style and what your level is. Things sometimes come easy, other times you have to work hard to achieve a goal. But you should never stop creating art, no matter what comes in your life or precisely because life happens you should not get discouraged by the all of that.

Here it’s a sketch I did awhile ago and actually got the chance to progress with coloring pretty fast than with other faces that only get sketched and then they wait silently in the art journal to be completed because the ake time or sometimes because I’m not in the mood to create art.

Whimsical in color

I also started to kinda like drawing and sketching after a reference photo than just drawing from my imagination. However, at this point, I don’t think I’ll ever stop drawing whimsical faces because they are fabulous, catchy and have something special because… well, they are whimsical! ✨✨✨

Finding my focus point🎯

Having less tine than before has taught me that sometimes I have to force myself into creating more art and getting in the mood for art when the moment comes, not when I would feel like. So that means I just grab my journal and decide right on spot if I’m gonna draw a face from my imagination or I’ll stick with a photo for guidance. It makes all the process more interesting and helps me flow in the moment of creating in my art journals, not just planning a certain activity. It is fascinating to see how this process unfolds right in from of your eyes!

Morning sketches

This face is more like a passing from sad faces to capturing the expression of people’s faces in a more natural way. Most of my whimsical faces have a sad expression on their faces: maybe they are a reflection of how I feel and how I see the world right when I’m drawing them, who knows? Or just are not that “elaborated” precisely because they are whimsical, sketched with some kind of urgency feeling and not wanting to be perfect in any way.

Canvas artwork * Lady with parrot * – work in progress

No mmatter how a face comes out on paper, it’s important to practice as much as possible and never give up on creating the kind of art you love.

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