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Focus: on abstract paitings

In the last months, I’ve been captivated by abstract paintings and how beautiful they unfold in front of my eyes. I’ve started with some journal pages and ended up creating two big canvases that are now ready to be varnished and listed for sale. That doesn’t mean I have completely moved away from portraits, but what I can say it’s that I’m not ready just yet to let them go. Portraits are part of my artistic process and I believe will always be. I just took a break and only drew and painted a couple of them while focusing on abstract creations.

Colorful abstract art journal page
Starting an abstract journal spread πŸ™‚
This hot summer…
Started to live it more and more….!

This spread, in particular, reminds me once again that black can add lots of interest to an art journal! You don’t have to be afraid of using black on your spreads as it adds dimension and makes it look cool.

And this is just a detail of one of my latest colorful abstract canvas paintings I will list for sale soon. I put a lot of work into this one and has a dear place in my heart. I’m sure it will find its home pretty soon!

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