Guardian Angel Acrylic Painting Pam Carriker Inspired - by Cristina Parus @
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Guardian Angel Acrylic Painting Pam Carriker Inspired

Guardian Angel Acrylic Painting Pam Carriker Inspired - by Cristina Parus @ Creativemag.roHere is my little angel inspired by the work of Pam Carriker and her book ART AT THE SPEED OF LIFE. I received this book in my mail box last week, and I was anxious to try few projects inside the book. This angel in not one of the project, but an inspiring photo among many others.

I’ve painted on a piece of packaging carton I have left from a book I have received and thought would be nice to give it a second life and paint over this cute angel. She is floating on a cloud and peacefully sleeping. Watch the process in the video below!

Guardian Angel Acrylic Painting Pam Carriker Inspired - by Cristina Parus @

Iata micutul meu ingeras inspirat dupa o lucrare a lui Pam Carriker si cartea ei ART AT THE SPEED OF LIFE. Am primit aceasta carte saptamana trecuta si eram nerabdatoare sa incerc cateva proiecte din carte. Acest inger nu este unul dintre ele, ci doar o poza dupa care m-am inspirat.

Am pictat pe o bucata de carton ramasa de la un ambalaj al unei carti pe care am primit-o prin posta si m-am gandit ca ar fi frumos sa-i dau oย nouaย viata pictand acest ingeras dragalas. Pluteste pe un norisor si doarme linistata.Vedeti procesul in videoul de mai sus!

Guardian Angel Acrylic Painting Pam Carriker Inspired - by Cristina Parus @

Pe curand,

7 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Acrylic Painting Pam Carriker Inspired

  1. Wish I could have that Koh-I-Noor black purple watercolor pencil. I haven’t seen anything like it here!

    Lovely, lovely angel artwork. I’m hoping to make one of my own.

    1. Oh, Connie! I didn’t know you don’t have access to Koh-i-Noor pencils there in Philippines. They are pretty affordable here, but when you buy one by one as I did, they add in the end. However, these were the pencils I’ve started art journaling with, and I love them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Oh, the Mondeluz pencil sets are available here. I actually have the 36 set of those lovely aquarelle pencils. But the ‘black purple’ pencil that you’re using? I think that one’s not available here. Maybe it’s part of a bigger set?? I would like to have one of those if I can find it in open stock. Sadly, art stores here rarely sell colored pencils by the piece.

  2. Oh, Connie! I believe that “black purple” is in fact Delft Blue (3720/51), but since they don’t print the name of the color on the pencil, I used this format color “black purple”, because it looks like a very dark purple. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out more over here:
    I hope that helps…and maybe you even have that color, who knows? Just let me know, I’m very curious. I will let you know tomorrow what color is that for sure, I don’t have my watercolor pencils at hand right now.

    many hugs,

  3. I probably have the newer edition of Mondeluz because every pencil in my set has a color label. No, I didn’t find Delft blue. But if that is indeed delft blue, I can get that color from Faber Castell sets available here ๐Ÿ™‚ It actually looks somewhat like heliotrope. I tried mixing blue violet and indigo and I got a very close result.

    1. I’ve always wondered why they don’t name their pencils…but I guess that must be it, they are now labeled, but I have the old open stock pencils. It doesn’t matter that much as long as maintain the quality of the product.

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