how to know what to paint
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How to know what to paint

Painting faces has always been “the thing” for me. I haven’t started painting flowers or landscaping, it was the face that drew my attention all the time. And this is what still fascinates me today. But not all of us know where or how to start.

It might be obvious, but sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of your eyes, and you might keep looking the other way. At some point, people either give up or find a way or another to express that creativity inside.

How I started

I remember how it all started for me: I found inspiration on Pinterest and “accidentally” ran into an art board there that instantly caught my attention and got me all fascinated. And one of the faces was pinned from a website that had a class simply called just that: Fascinating faces.

After taking that online class, I wanted to learn more and more about whimsical faces. It was all about whimsical and fairy faces. I love the way whimsical faces reveal: you never know what you’ll end up with and the beauty is just that, being able to work with the face the way you feel and want, without being constraint by the rules.

Beautiful watercolor wash by Cristina Parus on
one of the first whimsical faces I did

Observe how you feel

In the process of painting or drawing, pay attention to your feelings. What emotions seem overwhelming? What gives you joy? How do you feel about painting a subject or another? I tried painting flowers, a great subject, but never seemed comfortable or satisfying enough. I did try to paint landscaping, but again, it was just not me. What I love is painting faces, whimsical faces, with a little bit of abstract touch at a time. I enjoy painting abstract faces which seem to be complicated or a little bit intimidating at first but are not that hard to paint once you get the process and practice. One of the online courses I’m working on right now is a course on how to paint abstract faces in acrylic paints.

Acrylic mess on by Cristina Parus
One of my first whimsical faces

You’ll never know if you don’t try it

Of course, subjects are quite a few, but only some will feel *right*. Only a very small amount of these will be what you’ll want to paint all day. The rest will come as creations that your eyes won’t indulge too much. Or won’t be that much appreciated in your art journals or canvas. It happened to me so many times when I decided to flip the initial painting and alter it into something different. When that happens, the final result gets to be another face, just because I painted something I’m passionate about!

Start today!

No matrer what subject you inclined to try, now it’s the perfect time to start. Paint flowers, landscapes, people, still life or choose to simply draw it. It won’t be perfect in the first place, but practice will makes it *perfect*. What are you waiting for? 😎

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