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It’s time for new (art) projects!

It is something about September. I don’t know exactly what is it, but it has a charm that absolutely resonates with my feelings and emotions right now. It’s time for a warm tea, it’s time to change the wardrobe, get another project started. It’s time for a change and for new beginnings, for putting things in order, for establishing a new habit, start a new practice, clean your house energies and breathe in the new autumnal fresh cold air. Does this sound like you? Well, it sure resonates and sounds very much with my deepest self.

Trying acrylic paints for the very first time and loving it!
My son trying acrylic paints for the very first time – and loving it! (September 16th, 2020)

What a beautiful time to put things in order and start some new projects! What are your plans for the fall? Do you have any art projects on your mind?

Rainy days ahead

I don’t know why some people find rain depressive and annoying. Maybe it’s because they get wet feet, or maybe there’s more to it. I mean, I know there’s more than just that, but common, we need rain as much as the sun, so when the rain ‘season’ comes knocking we should embrace the chance and enjoy the moments spent inside with our family or focusing on our hobbies, like I am going to do with my art projects awaiting for so long. I need to breathe art again and again, and what a better time to do so than the fall and winter?

Not to mention the holiday season. I can feel Christmas is just around the corner, and this year – for some reason – I just can’t wait to have the Christmas Tree with shinning globes on its branches. Maybe it’s because my little one is growing and he’s now perceiving more of the Christmas atmosphere and New Year’s Eve celebration. Maybe it’s because I want to feel like a child again and truly enjoy – with an open heart – all these simple -BUT , oh so meaningful – moments that are coming ahead.

Intuitive soul painting by Cristina Parus@
Painting abstract silhouettes just for fun (while my son it’s trying acrylic paints for the first time)

No matter the reason, I invite you to just enjoy each moment of these still warm autumn days. There’s rain probably ahead, so get your art journals ready for some play! Allow yourself to draw something new, try new technique, paint fearlessly without thinking too much about the final result, and breathe in your new creations. And don’t forget to share, life it’s better with art friends around!

See you son,




Let's say every day I'm giving-away the power of a smile and the power of positive affirmations. Let's stay focused on good, optimist things, rather what complain about the negative ones in our lives!

I'm Cristina {creativeMag} and I welcome you to smile every single day of your life! (smile especially when you don't feel like ;) You already feel better, isn't it?)

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Always wear your smile, no matter what!

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