non-dominant hand free online course

My first online class is now live

non-dominant hand free online course
Sketching with a pen

Hello, dear artsy soul! I’ve been longing to write about my first online class for a while now, and if you’ve been following my blog with a mindful eye, you have probably noticed the new link in the upper menu here on .

My drawing course can be accessed here with lifetime access!

Sometimes it’s hard to get started with drawing, even if you have all the tools at hand. It might feel overwhelming to see the blank page, but it’s much easier to start drawing with your non-dominant hand! Drawing with your non-dominant hand it will help release all the worries you might have regarding the perfection of the result you’re going to get when you first trying your hand. Don’t worry about imperfections, it’s more about the process of creating something unique and less about getting it by the rules!

drawing with colored pencils

In this class, we are not only going to draw faces, but I dare you to even paint a face!

non-dominant hand free online course
add some acrylic paints

Get your art supplies ready and let’s get started! I’ll meet you in the class!

3 thoughts on “My first online class is now live

  1. This is something I was looking for and I’m going to sign up and give it a try. I’ve always been shy at drawing, so why not?

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