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Paint, drops and stencils – Acrylic faces

Painting faces by Cristina Parus

What better way to start a page than drawing a face and then using acrylic paints? And because I love to work in my handmade recycled art journal, I simply took my calendar journal ( called like so because of the fact that I used an old wall calendar to make this journal) and sketched this whimsical face. I already had that colorful background, but because I’m so much into faces, I chose to draw and paint a face on the page rather than leave it as is or paint some abstract shapes on the page.

This is the stage where the face doesn’t look that great. But I love to keep on adding layer after layer until I get that feeling of completeness.

For some kind of reason, I decided to make her hair brown although most of the time I like to pick bright colors that are anything but natural. And I kind of like it, but that’s not the final color – I guess there will be other layers added and who knows how she’ll look in the end.

This face has a long way to becoming because I didn’t get the chance to finish this whimsical face as I was caught with other projects. But I will get back to it and add some more layers on the paper so that I can call it done.