packaging paper abstract art journal page by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Abstract marks on packaging paper

The easiest and least expensive way to make an art journal is by using packaging paper you have around the house....

Soft pastel portrait by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Soft pastels portrait on packaging paper art journal

Remember my brown packaging paper art journal? It’s time to draw again and fill in the pages! It’s been a while...

How to make a junk journal ---- by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

The Junk Journal Project

As the days are getting shorter and the time spent outdoors decrease, it’s the perfect moment to start a new journal,...

autumn tree by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Days of November

It’s said that November it’s a sad, depressive month, but it doesn’t have to be like so if you don’t...

Whimsical portraiture on bag paper - autumn inspiration by Cristina Parus @ creativemag.ro

Watercolor Woman Portrait on wrapping paper

One of these days, when the sun seemed to warm the earth even more beautiful than he does in the...

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