The Quoted Pages - Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature - Gerard De Nerval - by Cristina Parus @
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The Quoted pages – Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

Today I stumbled upon a card illustrating blooming poppies. I said to myself that those would make a fine collage in my journal. I cut a few blooming poppies and a few poppy bods to match them together, and glue them down on the page, leaving some space for lettering. I misaligned the word “blossoming” […]

Drawing Fuchsia Flowers in my art journal - by Cristina Parus @ >>> Mixed Media and Art Journaling
Art Journaling

Fuchsia in Bloom

With about 110 recognized species, Fuchsia flower looks like a ballerina with many legs. It’s gracious and delicate, hanging upside down with its gorgeous coloring. This flower does not serve as wonderful painting and drawing inspiration, but it’s also a bliss for the eyes. So why not draw and paint it in my art journal?  Exista […]

Celebrating Birth Coloring Book - Cristina Parus @
Art Journaling

Celebrating Birth Coloring Book {free download}

There is an increasing interest for coloring books for adults meant to reduce stress and calm nerves. And there are also few that treat the joy of giving birth. I found one of them on the internet that is completely FREE to download and color your way! It can be found and downloaded here, together with […]

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