Days of September

Days getting shorter and nights longer and colder, time to take advantage of the sun still shining on and stay as much as possible out in nature, breathing the fresh autumnal scent of the earth. The time for cozy and comfortable clothes is soon approaching, but until then… And, of course, draw and paint some faces! What have you been doing this September?! Soon I’ll turn 40, and I wonder where is time flying so fast!?! 😉 Oh, time is not flying, nor passing, it’s …

Self-portrait in a junk Journal by Cristina Parus @

The Junk Journal Project – old calendar

These days I’m digging again into junk journals and rediscover the resources I have around that I can use to add interesting marks in my journal pages. One method I keep on coming back from time to time is collage work. Just by simply adding collaged art images on your junk journal it will make it look interesting and unique. But those images do become yours only when you personalize them with acrylic paints or POSCA markers. Then you “bend” the photos and create something …

What to write in a junk journal

I’ve been attracted to junk journals since I first discovered them on the internet. They are so easy to make and the posibilities are so broad, that it’s easy to get started with what you have around and build your own journal. If you don’t know how to make your junk journal, check out this post where I show you my most loved junk journal!

Junk journal face by Cristina Parus @

What I’ve been doing + New Art Projects

It was great to #painting again. I even created a short #video while doing it, and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love #watching it. The page in the right: #Derwent #inktensepencils with a bit of white #gesso. The result? Fast and furious #art #journalling #whimsical #face. Want more? Check out the next #artvideo! #drawing #face #artjournal #artjournaling #CristinaParus #creativemag A short video showing you inside my junk journal. Few really beautiful faces and very different styles, and there are more to come! I love the …