Journal spread: collage: tweaked proportions

In the times of crisis, art is a the bond that keeps us balanced and present. While you cannot go outside too much, you can definitely create new art pages. Depending on how much time you have in this imposed quarantine, you can even create more art than usually. I have grabbed my small B6 art journal and created a new collage spread, this time using a paper to cover the whole spread with collage.

20 minutes art journaling - golden bow by Cristina Parus Panaet @

20 minutes art journaling – golden bow

Another face drawing has found a place in my art journal, this time one that’s a little bit dreamy and fairy. Hello creative souls! ❤️ If the previous girl had blonde hair, this one is a redhead girl with electric blue eyes. I really like her dreamy expression! And speaking of eyes, I like the way she looks up as if she’s dreaming about something she won’t tell. I’m working in the same journal as before, so that makes it equally difficult to paint on …

Art journal pages by Cristina Parus

20 minutes art journaling – blue sky

I kinda like working in this little sketchbook turned into an art journal with the use of collage paper, inserts and most of all, gesso! When you gesso thin pages you instantly create a new waterproof layer ready for new art work. Some might prefer to draw directly on paper, but I’m a fan of gessoed paper. I’m halfway through this gorgeous journal and I can’t wait to add more drawings to it!